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Your Visual Presentation

Effectively communicating your ideas is a vital skill in business. When you give a business presentation or speak up during a meeting, people’s perceptions of you are formed by the Visual, Verbal, and Vocal aspects of your delivery.

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Go the Extra Mile, Even Without the Extra Dollar

An interesting article in the Huff Post caught my eye the other day: McDonald's Orders Friendly Service After Customer Complaints Rise.

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Invest in Your Career: Get Involved

If you truly want to develop your leadership skills, but can’t seem to find any opportunities to do so within your current position, then why not look for opportunities outside of your current position?

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Master Impromptu Business Presentations With PREP

Although public speaking is the general population’s number two fear (after death!), the fact is that while you may never have to make a speech to hundreds or even thousands of people, you might very well be asked to make a presentation at a...

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Women as Leaders: The Importance of Mindset

In my last blog I shared my thoughts on women as leaders in the corporate world -- and reviewed some of the reasons why there are fewer women in leadership roles than men. You can read this blog here.

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Women as Leaders in the Corporate World

With the release of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, the role of women as leaders has been prominently in the news.

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Advocates -- Your Secret Weapon for Professional Development

Are you lucky enough to have a business mentor?

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Personal Marketing Quandry: Toot Your Own Horn at Work?

There’s a huge difference between being humble, and being passive, mousy or timid.

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