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Business Phone Calls: Be Mindful of Your Vocal Velocity, Volume & Pitch (part 1 of 2)

Were you aware that the impact your voice has on the phone accounts for 85 percent of the overall impression you make on the other person?

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Is Vulnerability the New Accountability?

Isn’t it funny how new buzzwords come along every so often, and get everyone talking? I recently enjoyed an article on wherein the author posed the question, “Is it okay for leaders to show vulnerability?”

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Coaching: Pipe Dream to Dream Team

Imagine leading an inspired team of high producing employees. Imagine if everyone on your team was as invested in the success of your business as in their own personal success; and going a step further, they understood that those two were not...

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Cell Phone Business Etiquette -- Avoid Meeting & Workplace Faux Pas

Do you enjoy hearing the intimate details of complete strangers’ lives while you’re shopping, waiting for a movie to start, eating out, or simply walking down the street enjoying the spring weather?

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Not-So-Obvious Tips for Job Interviews

Earlier this week, I read a short article in The Week, “The Dying Art of the Job Interview.” Here’s one sentence from it: "Recruiters say one in five recent grads displays unprofessional behavior."

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Personal Space Invasion – A Business Faux Pas of Galactic Proportions

Don’t you just hate it when someone invades your personal space?

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Does Pitch Affect Your Communication?

I read an intriguing article in the Huffington Post: "Male CEOs With Deep Voices More Likely To Have Market Success, Study Says."

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