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Lead the Way with Workplace Etiquette

Have you ever found yourself in a sticky business situation?

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Body Language Break-down: Tips for Powerful Presentations

Did you know that people form an impression about you in only four seconds, according to an article on NBC’s

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Keep Your Cool: Presenting to Senior Management

Does giving a presentation to senior management turn you into a wreck? Are you sleepless in Seattle — or Chicago — or New York — for a week (or a month) before that presentation?

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Customer Service 101: Professionalism in Business Situations Matters

The other day, I met with a business acquaintance at a local coffee shop with lovely outdoor seating. My colleague arrived early, and was already sitting outside with her latte when I got there.

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7 Tips for Excellent E-mail Etiquette

Although the business letter is not quite dead, in many cases it has been replaced by the ubiquitous, instantaneous and ever efficient e-mail.

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Five Business Letter Basics

There are many occasions where you might still need to make use of a formal business letter...

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Make the Right Impression at Business Lunches

I read a terrific article on about business etiquette: "Fifteen Business Etiquette Rules. The tips given included many for business lunches, frequently known as “power lunches.”

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Building Business Relationships with Key Influencers is Key to Success

Relationships are one of the keys to advancement and success within any industry. Building strong relationships with co-workers, employers, and industry leaders can provide the support and the opportunities you need to reach your career goals.

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Setting Boundaries for Success: The Power of Saying “No” (pt. 2 of 2)

Can you say "no" at work or elsewhere in your life, or does it make you feel guilty?

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