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Nexus 7 Tablet “Public Speaking” Commercial

I love Google’s great new commercial promoting its Nexus 7 tablet. I'm sure if you've seen it, you can relate, too.

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Eliminate Weak Words from Your Workplace

Let’s continue our discussion from last week about word choices and how they can either help or hinder your career. I discussed the ubiquitous “try” in the previous post, along with all the reasons you might want to eliminate it from your...

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Eliminate "Trying" from Your Workplace

I often discuss things you need to know and implement to get ahead of the curve and keep your career moving.

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A Simple System to Present Opinions

For many people, being asked their opinion at work can be awkward, or even terrifying. I often share a simple system called PREP, which is a template for presenting your opinions.

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Are You PREPared to Shine at Corporate Meetings?

Although everyone on Earth has an opinion on a multitude of subjects, for many people, few things are as intimidating as being asked for theirs — that is being asked to share an opinion in a business/corporate meeting filled with potential new...

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Are Self-Confidence Issues Holding You Back Professionally? If So, You’re Not Alone

A few blogs ago, I wrote about the importance of self-confidence -- and how women often have a harder time owning their achievements.

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Body Language / Handshake 101: Avoid Cold Shoulders like Recent President Obama & Russian President Putin Meeting

Do nonverbal signals really matter?

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Raising Your Self-Confidence

According to an article posted on MSN living, 48 percent of women in a recent study claimed that lack of confidence is holding them back professionally. Seventeen percent of these women admitted they didn’t even have the confidence to ask for a...

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