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Could Your 2-Minute Speech Impact Like Lincoln's Gettysburg Address?

We recently marked the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s famed Gettysburg Address. Mentions of it were all over the news, with many articles taking the time to reprint or go over the speech itself, the impact of it on our nation’s...

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Four Project Management Issues That Can Rapidly Derail Your Project

As a project manager, your job is complex and requires a multitude of skills. The more complex the project, the more staff, vendors, stakeholders, etc., the more things that can go wrong.

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Business Writing Key to Success: Tone, Topic, Transparency

Last week I provided six possible approaches to organize your material. This week we'll look at the role of tone, topic, and transparency...

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Two Secrets to Project Management Success

This could very easily be a four-word blog post, because the two secrets to effective project management are ... drumroll, please ... leadership skills and communication skills.

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5 Tips to Ensure Successful Project Management

As a distinct career, project management has only been around for the past couple of decades. And yet, Aristotle managed to define the work of a project manager beautifully more than two thousand years ago: “First, have a definite, clear...

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Business Writing Key to Success: Organize Your Material

I read with great interest a recent article on the NBC News website, regarding employers being frustrated by their new hires’ lack of effective writing skills.

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Don’t Take Internal Job Interviews for Granted - Part 2

In my last post, I discussed the challenges that job applicants face when interviewing for a different job within their same company.

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Don’t Take Internal Job Interviews For Granted

Last week I focused on the importance of being prepared to answer the "Tell me about yourself?" question often heard during job interviews -- primarily for new hires to a new business.

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Tricky Interview Question Decoded

I recently read a great article on Ten Toughest Interview Questions, Answered.

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