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A Comprehensive Company Wellness Program Also Includes Career Wellness

As we’re wrapping up month two of the new year, I wonder if you’ve started working on your personal wellness program?

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Always Strive for the Gold In Your Professional Career

The Winter Olympics are now over, and the athletes have all returned to their respective countries. Does that mean their pursuit of excellence has ended?

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Create Brilliant Presentation Introductions Like These Famous Women

Whether you believe it or not, the introduction to any presentation is the most important part.

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What Makes a Speech Persuasive?


Patrick Henry

Happy President's Day! On this day that celebrates our first and 16th presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, let's look back at other historical figures of note -- specifically those whose presentation skills were...

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Valentine’s Day Reminder: It’s Important to Love Your Job, Too

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

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Business Etiquette Online: 6 Tips For Successful Social Media Networking

I start off today’s blog with a reminder from Mother Nature about how powerful she can be ,,,

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Six Tips to Make Yourself Memorable

A large part of successful networking comes down to something you might not expect...

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