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Conversation or Negotiation?

A colleague once told me, “I never negotiate.”  If you’re communicating with other people, you probably negotiate on some level. Whether or not your position calls for negotiating contracts or deals, you’ll find strong negotiation skills very...

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Are College Grads Learning the Soft Skills Needed to Succeed?

Earning a college degree is getting more and more expensive. There's now troubling research that indicates the ROI on these degrees isn't what these graduates expected.

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Are You Waiting for the "Luck of the Irish" to Strike in Your Career?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope all of you have the “luck of the Irish” today. And speaking of luck ...

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BRODY is on the GSA (General Services Administration) Schedule!

We’ve celebrated a lot of milestones in BRODY Professional Development’s 30+ years in business, and we are still celebrating another: earning contract number GS-02F-188AA on the GSA Schedule.

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6 Rules to Conduct Yourself with Professionalism On Social Media Sites

In my previous post, I mentioned that any communication online has the potential to go viral.

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A Social Media Cautionary Tale -- Reminder of Online Communication Etiquette

Social media doesn’t look like it’s going to disappear any time soon.

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How to Be Professional on Social Media

In a previous post I mentioned that any communication online has the potential to go viral, so conducting oneself with exemplary etiquette is more important than ever.

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Do Women Sabotage Themselves In the Workplace?

There’s a fascinating interview with Lois Frankel online at ForbesWoman, and I’d like to urge everyone to read it. The article is entitled Revisiting The Nice Girl Syndrome A Decade Later. For those of you who don’t know, Lois Frankel is the...

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