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Career Advice for New College Graduates -- What Employers Really Want

If it's nearly May, college graduation is right around the corner.

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Avoid Social Media Blunders – Your Boss (Or Clients!) May Be Watching

Social media gaffes by corporations and public agencies are becoming legend, just another apparently unavoidable part of the digital, live-streaming, insta-everything world we live in.

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Power Up Your Career With a Sponsor -- 5 Tips To Find An Advocate

We’ve all heard the expression that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

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Would You Quit Your Job for $5,000?

When I first heard of this unusual Amazon practice -- offering employees $5,000 to quit their jobs -- I had to read it a second time to make sure I had it right. But, I did: Every year, Amazon offers workers in its distribution warehouses up to...

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Taking Ownership: Do You Pass The Google Test?

Would you pass the "Google Test?"

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Lessons From Golf's Masters Tournament: Career Mastery

The 2014 Masters Tournament is underway as I write this post -- always an exciting event for everyone who loves the sport of golf.

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National Workplace Wellness Week: Professional Development's Impact on Health

Did you know the first full week in April -- April 7 to 11th -- is National Workplace Wellness Week? No, that’s not a late April Fool's joke -- it’s a real resolution that was initiated by the American Heart Association and passed by the House of...

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Innovation: The Exciting New Vision TEDx Philadelphia Shared

Last Friday, March 28, the city of Philadelphia was proud to host a TEDx conference titled, "The New Workshop of the World."

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