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Personal Marketing: Get Involved & Get Noticed

Yes, if you do a fantastic job, you might be noticed by the “right” people. You might be praised and rewarded. You might even be promoted.

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Why Coaching Your Staff is Key to Success

I am a firm proponent of the merits of ongoing coaching for your staff.

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Own Your Career Success: Recognize & Value Your Talents

I read with great interest a article titled “6 Hidden Assumptions That Destroy Your Chances For Career Happiness.”

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The Art of Business Storytelling: 11 Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged

You’ve probably told many stories in your life. It’s a natural part of human conversation: “Hey, listen to what happened to me today!”

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The Art of Business Storytelling: A Vital Skill You Need to Master

Let’s delve a bit deeper into one of the most important presentations skills anyone can master -- one you definitely need in your presentation tool kit.

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“Killer” Presentations?

Do you deliver "killer" presentations, or do they "kill" you? I recently read a Harvard Business Review article called “How to Give a Killer Presentation.” Here are some key takeaways...

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