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Advocates Can Help Your Career

One of my past coaching clients recently reached out to me to reconnect. He was proud of his latest accomplishment -- moving from a sales role to a marketing position within the same organization.

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Generation Why … Don’t They Get It?

Never before have American workplaces seen such generational diversity – there are Baby Boomers working alongside Generation X and Millennials (aka Generation Y), and even some working past typical retirement age. This wide mix of employee age...

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Business Dining Manners Matter for Top Level Jobs

At a recent networking event, a young man named Tony told me he edged out the competition to land a plum job at a Fortune 100 firm.

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Focus on Audience’s Needs, Not Your Own

Know your audience and capture their attention.

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Accountability Starts With Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

The other day I was in the kitchen making lunch, when the building shook. I immediately asked my colleagues in the back office if they were OK – as the accompanying loud “thud” I heard sounded like it came from their offices.

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