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Amy Glass

Amy facilitates programs that focus on leadership presence, presentation/facilitation skills, networking, professional savvy, and managing/engaging multiple generations. As an executive coach, she uses an experiential approach to help clients with business & personal development, so they feel fulfilled and able to demonstrate a more confident, authentic style. Amy has worked internationally with many Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotech, finance, entertainment, education, and technology.
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3 Best Practices for New Team Integration

Change is messy. Whether your team is brand new or has recently gone through restructuring, new team integration can be tricky to navigate.

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Got Analogies? Juice Up Your Tech Talk!

When you make a technical presentation to a non-technical audience, how do you assure that your points will come across in a juicy and engaging way?

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Propaganda, Post-truth and Persuasion

My great-grandmother was a runner. Before her 10th birthday my great-grandmother was a child-spy, tasked with running between villages to warn that “The Cossacks are coming.”

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