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6-Step Formula to Communicate Like a Master Influencer

Our recent blog series has covered the importance of connection and clarity to influencing those around us. These two pillars of influence help us build strong personal connections, with clarity around our objectives. The next step is...

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4 Ways Clarity Can Help You Influence Others

Have you ever tried to influence someone, only to fail?

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5 Connection-Building Strategies to Influence without Authority

My health insurance agent recently recommended that I change my healthcare policy. I asked him, “If you were me, would you switch to this new policy?” He replied, “I already switched to the same policy myself.”

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3 Steps to Become a Master Influencer

Do you know anyone who is a Master Influencer?

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Social Media Can Influence Your Hiring Decisions

Social media can be a useful tool for managers when hiring, promoting or even assigning new projects.

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Communicating Via Social Media – Avoid Posting Pitfalls

In social media, one wrong click of a button can have potentially career-damaging consequences.

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Six Tips for Dealing With Difficult People At Work

Last week, I began talking about people’s different behavior styles. A thorough knowledge of which style you fall into -- as well as which one your manager and any clients or coworkers you have a tough time communicating with fall into -- can be...

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How to Deal With Difficult People

Dealing with difficult people is a fact of life.

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Avoid Social Media Blunders – Your Boss (Or Clients!) May Be Watching

Social media gaffes by corporations and public agencies are becoming legend, just another apparently unavoidable part of the digital, live-streaming, insta-everything world we live in.

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A Social Media Cautionary Tale -- Reminder of Online Communication Etiquette

Social media doesn’t look like it’s going to disappear any time soon.

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