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Stretch for Accountability Like Elon Musk

He’s worth $21 billion today, but 10 years ago, Elon Musk was flat broke.

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Owning It: Why It’s Time to Stop Renting Your Job

There are plenty of benefits to renting your home.

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Culture of Accountability or Culture of Fear?

In 2016, regulators fined the banking giant, Wells Fargo, $185 million for an illegal cross-selling scheme. Bank employees had created millions of fraudulent accounts, at the behest of managers, to hit lofty sales goals.

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The Buck Stops Here: A Lesson in Professional Accountability

At a conference last month, I sat next to a professionally dressed and extremely articulate young man who’d recently been hired as COO of a medical services company.

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Accountability Starts With Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

The other day I was in the kitchen making lunch, when the building shook. I immediately asked my colleagues in the back office if they were OK – as the accompanying loud “thud” I heard sounded like it came from their offices.

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The Real Secret to Happiness at Work

“You simply cannot craft a successful, rewarding and happy career or life if you don’t know yourself deeply, intimately and fearlessly.”

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Business/Career Goals: Change From Old School to New School Thinking

The way that businesses operate is changing in many ways. Concepts about effective leadership are changing, as is the prevalence of flex-time, shared jobs, working virtually from home, and the need to influence with or without authority based on...

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Are You Difficult to Work With? Understand Your Behavior to Change It

Earlier this month, I blogged about dealing with difficult people in the workplace.

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Would You Quit Your Job for $5,000?

When I first heard of this unusual Amazon practice -- offering employees $5,000 to quit their jobs -- I had to read it a second time to make sure I had it right. But, I did: Every year, Amazon offers workers in its distribution warehouses up to...

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Taking Ownership: Do You Pass The Google Test?

Would you pass the "Google Test?"

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