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6-Steps to Becoming a Master Influencer

Our recent blog series has covered the importance of connection and clarity to influencing those around us. These two pillars of influence help us build strong personal connections, with clarity around our objectives. The next step is...

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4 Ways Clarity Can Help You Influence Others

Have you ever tried to influence someone, only to fail?

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5 Connection-Building Strategies to Influence without Authority

My health insurance agent recently recommended that I change my healthcare policy. I asked him, “If you were me, would you switch to this new policy?” He replied, “I already switched to the same policy myself.”

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3 Steps to Become a Master Influencer

Do you know anyone who is a Master Influencer?

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Propaganda, Post-truth and Persuasion

My great-grandmother was a runner. Before her 10th birthday my great-grandmother was a child-spy, tasked with running between villages to warn that “The Cossacks are coming.”

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The Influence of RNC Speakers

The Republican National Convention offered a chance to examine our ability to influence others in the workplace.

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Influence Like Pope Francis

Whether our office (and title) resides on the C level or not, influencing is an integral part of our daily lives and perhaps more importantly, our careers.

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5 Tips to Influence & Lead Others -- Even Without Authority

A recent participant in a BRODY training program contacted me last week via e-mail.

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Conversation or Negotiation?

A colleague once told me, “I never negotiate.”  If you’re communicating with other people, you probably negotiate on some level. Whether or not your position calls for negotiating contracts or deals, you’ll find strong negotiation skills very...

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Influence with Competence, Clarity and Relationships

In my last post, I mentioned three of the main foundational building blocks of influence: competence, clarity, and relationships.

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