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3 Ways to Take Your Leadership Presence to the Next Level

In our most recent blog series, we explored how the ability to influence others is essential, regardless of your role -- and it requires a mastery of connection, clarity, and communication.

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4 Ways Clarity Can Help You Influence Others

Have you ever tried to influence someone, only to fail?

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5 Connection-Building Strategies to Influence without Authority

My health insurance agent recently recommended that I change my healthcare policy. I asked him, “If you were me, would you switch to this new policy?” He replied, “I already switched to the same policy myself.”

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Want to Develop Leadership Presence? Three Ways to Begin

A colleague’s daughter contacted me recently after being passed over twice for a choice promotion. She told me she really wanted to advance in the company, but didn’t seem to have what they were looking for.

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Leadership Presence in Action: An Amazing Story of Audience Connection

When I think of leadership presence, I always remember Joanne, a managing director at a large private bank. Here’s her story …

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Amy Glass: 5 Skills to Build Your Executive Presence At Work

What makes a truly inspiring leader?

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Eliminate Qualifiers, Increase Trust

Many blogs ago, I discussed words to eliminate from your business vocabulary. I focused on the word “try” and the expressions “I think” and “I might.” There are various other words, phrases, and attitudes that you might want to pay closer attention...

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You CAN Influence Without Authority

Why would others want to collaborate, cooperate or unite with you and your mission or project? Because of your influence!

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Eliminate Weak Words from Your Workplace

Let’s continue our discussion from last week about word choices and how they can either help or hinder your career. I discussed the ubiquitous “try” in the previous post, along with all the reasons you might want to eliminate it from your...

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Eliminate "Trying" from Your Workplace

I often discuss things you need to know and implement to get ahead of the curve and keep your career moving.

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