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Personal Branding: Why You Need Employees Who Market Themselves

BRODY has taught thousands of people how to market themselves in our Ignite Your Personal Brand: Market Your MAGIC workshop. We tell participants: Don’t be the world’s best-kept secret. Stop waiting for others to notice your skills, and tell them...

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Your Personal Brand is Always on “Candid Camera”

"Smile! You’re on candid camera."

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3 Strategies to Avoid Career-Killing Behaviors & Mistakes

Often, it’s the new hires who need the most help navigating corporate politics and office dynamics – but not always. Even seasoned employees can have career-hurting missteps. Here’s a story of the former…

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Why You Didn’t Get That Promotion – Could This Be You?

Yet another story that proves the importance of visual signals and polishing your package…

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Your Presentation Package Counts: the Power of the Visual Message

I’m always fascinated by things that people don’t realize about themselves, things that might be significantly impacting their careers in a less-than-positive way. These bad mannerisms, wardrobe “malfunctions,” etc., all seem so obvious to us,...

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Personal Marketing: Get Involved & Get Noticed

Yes, if you do a fantastic job, you might be noticed by the “right” people. You might be praised and rewarded. You might even be promoted.

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Own Your Career Success: Recognize & Value Your Talents

I read with great interest a article titled “6 Hidden Assumptions That Destroy Your Chances For Career Happiness.”

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Amy Glass: 5 Skills to Build Your Executive Presence At Work

What makes a truly inspiring leader?

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Celebrate Your Independence to Achieve Career Goals

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Power Up Your Career With a Sponsor -- 5 Tips To Find An Advocate

We’ve all heard the expression that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

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