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Advocates Can Help Your Career

One of my past coaching clients recently reached out to me to reconnect. He was proud of his latest accomplishment -- moving from a sales role to a marketing position within the same organization.

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Business/Career Goals: Change From Old School to New School Thinking

The way that businesses operate is changing in many ways. Concepts about effective leadership are changing, as is the prevalence of flex-time, shared jobs, working virtually from home, and the need to influence with or without authority based on...

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Are You Difficult to Work With? Understand Your Behavior to Change It

Earlier this month, I blogged about dealing with difficult people in the workplace.

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Career Advice for New College Graduates -- What Employers Really Want

If it's nearly May, college graduation is right around the corner.

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Lessons From Golf's Masters Tournament: Career Mastery

The 2014 Masters Tournament is underway as I write this post -- always an exciting event for everyone who loves the sport of golf.

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National Workplace Wellness Week: Professional Development's Impact on Health

Did you know the first full week in April -- April 7 to 11th -- is National Workplace Wellness Week? No, that’s not a late April Fool's joke -- it’s a real resolution that was initiated by the American Heart Association and passed by the House of...

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Innovation: The Exciting New Vision TEDx Philadelphia Shared

Last Friday, March 28, the city of Philadelphia was proud to host a TEDx conference titled, "The New Workshop of the World."

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Are College Grads Learning the Soft Skills Needed to Succeed?

Earning a college degree is getting more and more expensive. There's now troubling research that indicates the ROI on these degrees isn't what these graduates expected.

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A Comprehensive Company Wellness Program Also Includes Career Wellness

As we’re wrapping up month two of the new year, I wonder if you’ve started working on your personal wellness program?

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Always Strive for the Gold In Your Professional Career

The Winter Olympics are now over, and the athletes have all returned to their respective countries. Does that mean their pursuit of excellence has ended?

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