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The Importance of Discretion: A Cautionary Tale

Sometimes the things I see and hear while traveling on business seem too surreal to be true. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with this story from my travels… This really happened.

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Business Dining Manners Matter for Top Level Jobs

At a recent networking event, a young man named Tony told me he edged out the competition to land a plum job at a Fortune 100 firm.

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A Costly Gesture: Extend Workplace Professionalism Well Beyond the Workplace

Are courtesy and professionalism just facades that you show in the office, or a true reflection of the authentic you? Let me share a true story …

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Why You Didn’t Get That Promotion – Could This Be You?

Yet another story that proves the importance of visual signals and polishing your package…

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Your Presentation Package Counts: the Power of the Visual Message

I’m always fascinated by things that people don’t realize about themselves, things that might be significantly impacting their careers in a less-than-positive way. These bad mannerisms, wardrobe “malfunctions,” etc., all seem so obvious to us,...

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Communicating Via Social Media – Avoid Posting Pitfalls

In social media, one wrong click of a button can have potentially career-damaging consequences.

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7 Tips to Conquer Workplace Conflict

How do you handle conflict in the workplace?

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June 26th is National Handshake Day

This Thursday, June 26, is National Handshake Day. So, time to ensure that yours is the best it can be.

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Avoid Social Media Blunders – Your Boss (Or Clients!) May Be Watching

Social media gaffes by corporations and public agencies are becoming legend, just another apparently unavoidable part of the digital, live-streaming, insta-everything world we live in.

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A Social Media Cautionary Tale -- Reminder of Online Communication Etiquette

Social media doesn’t look like it’s going to disappear any time soon.

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