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Moving Others: Influence without Authority

In our increasingly cross-functional business environment, the ability to Influence without Authority is essential. Due to flatter management structures, cross-functional work teams, and virtual partnerships, we are spending more time trying to...

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4 Steps to Build a Strong, Post-Merger Corporate Culture

When two companies with strong corporate identities and cultures merge, the result can be confusing for the employees who remain.

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3 Steps to Leading Through Change

Change — whether structural, cultural, or both — can make or break an organization. That’s because change pushes us all out of our comfort zones. In high-stress, high-stakes environments, it’s only natural that rapid, ongoing change creates...

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6-Steps to Becoming a Master Influencer

Our recent blog series has covered the importance of connection and clarity to influencing those around us. These two pillars of influence help us build strong personal connections, with clarity around our objectives. The next step is...

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4 Ways Clarity Can Help You Influence Others

Have you ever tried to influence someone, only to fail?

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4 Tips to Kick the Procrastination Habit & Crank Productivity

Are you a chronic procrastinator?

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Does Your Company Meet Core Needs?

As a manager, are you excited to get to work each day?

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Maya Angelou Passes, but Her Ability to Inspire Lives On

We mourn the loss of legendary author and trailblazer, Maya Angelou, who died this week at age 86.

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Happiness at Work is All About Your Attitude

I’ve talked extensively in this blog about how to move forward at work, how to make a good impression, how to dress for success, and how to avoid shooting yourself in the foot.

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Eliminate Interruptions

I may be an extrovert, but I also need quiet time to think and actually get work done. Unfortunately, that rarely happens.

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