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Connect With Your Remote Audience

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Did you know that virtual meetings require different tactics than in-person presentations do? That’s because it’s much harder to tell if your audience is engaged when you can’t see them. Let me give you an example...

An insurance executive I know, Pete, was very confident in his webinar delivery skills. He told me, “Everyone loves my webinars!”

As part of his coaching initiative, I observed Pete facilitate one of his weekly WebEx team meetings. During the meeting, we started hearing a few unexptected "beeps." It was actually the sound of a phone being dialed.

When he asked who was making that sound, he was met with silence. The second time he asked, a child’s voice answered. “It’s Timmy.”

Pete said, "Timmy, what's your last name?" And Timmy gave his last name.

Then Pete said, "Timmy, where's your dad?"

“He's outside, mowing the lawn,” said Timmy.

Pete obviously wasn’t as good at engaging his remote team members as he thought. But how do any of us know whether anyone is really listening during a virtual meeting?

Here are 3 tips to ensure that you are engaging your webinar participants:

  1. Call on people by name, much more frequently than you normally would, to keep participants engaged (and keep them on their toes!)
  2. Increase the animation in your voice when presenting virtually. Use your enthusiasm about the topic to energize your audience.
  3. Utilize the virtual platform tools, such as chat, polling questions, and other interactive options provided by your platform.

When it comes to virtual presentations, the more interaction and engagement, the better. Does your team need to get better at virtual meetings and virtual presenting? Check out BRODY's Virtual Presentations training.

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