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4 Steps to Work Better with Difficult People

In your professional and personal life, you will interact with people who will frustrate, infuriate, and confound you. They will do things you cannot understand, see things differently than you, and generally make things... well, difficult.

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Got Clarity? Team Performance Depends on It!

Many teams have worked together virtually for years, but for others, adapting to remote teamwork has been a new challenge. Virtual and hybrid environments offer fewer opportunities for learning how to connect and communicate with each other. In...

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3 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Presence

If you want the promotion, the new opportunity, or even to lead the new project team, you need leadership presence. The truth is others will not see you as a leader until you look and act like a leader.

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Own Your Career: Build Your Personal Brand

Since early 2020, working in remote or hybrid environments means less in-person interaction. Our teams or responsibilities may have changed, even if we haven’t changed roles. With these transitions, it can be harder to find our footing, let alone...

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Influence Without Authority - Virtually & In-Person

How do leaders influence without authority in today’s work environments with limited in-person meetings or conversations?

It can be a challenge to get everyone onboard and aligned with your priorities, even in-person. The challenge of virtual...

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Prep Your Mind for Effective Listening

Go ahead, hit PAUSE.

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Tips to Avoid Asking Bad Questions

“There’s no such thing as a bad question.”

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3 Ways to Increase Connection with Remote Customers & Team Members

Remote work is no longer a remote possibility for most workers.

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Negotiations Gone Virtual: Tips to adjust and excel

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were seeing a shift to more business being conducted virtually. Difficult communications such as negotiations have not been spared from this shift.

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4 Tips to Drive Connection with Your Remote Audience

There is a vivid example that BRODY trainers share about conducting virtual meetings. An insurance executive told his BRODY coach, Marjorie Brody, “Everyone loves my webinars!”

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