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The Power of Saying “No”

Categories: Assertiveness

What are your boundaries? If you keep saying “yes” to every request, you most likely will burn out – or at least disappoint people.

“No I can’t” or “No, I won’t” are very hard for some people to say. “It’s not my job” shouldn’t be said at all.

Let me give you a few ways to say “no” without upsetting yourself -- or others:

  • “Here is what I can do”
  • “This is what I will do”
  • “What is the priority?”
  • “I can’t do it at this time.”
  • “I can only do ____ given my work load.”
  • “Here is where you can get the help you need…”
  • “You really ought to talk to _____ since he is working on the project”

The key is not to feel guilty and not to allow yourself to be “sucked in.”

It’s OK to be assertive. You owe it to yourself and ultimately to the company you work for.

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