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Amy Glass

Amy facilitates programs that focus on leadership presence, presentation/facilitation skills, networking, professional savvy, and managing/engaging multiple generations. As an executive coach, she uses an experiential approach to help clients with business & personal development, so they feel fulfilled and able to demonstrate a more confident, authentic style. Amy has worked internationally with many Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotech, finance, entertainment, education, and technology.
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Recent Posts

Tips to Avoid Asking Bad Questions

“There’s no such thing as a bad question.”

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3 Ways to Increase Connection with Remote Customers & Team Members

Remote work is no longer a remote possibility for most workers.

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4 Tips to Drive Connection with Your Remote Audience

There is a vivid example that BRODY trainers share about conducting virtual meetings. An insurance executive told his BRODY coach, Marjorie Brody, “Everyone loves my webinars!”

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Personal Branding: What it Means and Why You Need It

Do you need to build your own brand? That depends entirely on your professional goals and ambitions...

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3 Powerful Steps to Communicate Insights Effectively as a Medical Affairs Professional

Do you struggle to communicate medical insights?

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3 Key Strategies for MSLs to Impact Thought Leader Practices

It used to be that MSLs only had to interact with physicians to do their jobs well. Not so anymore.Today, as their role expands, MSLs must learn to interact with a wide range of external stakeholders, including scientific societies, pharmacists,...

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3 Steps to Align Communication and Connect with KOLs

Does it ever feel like you and a KOL are speaking a different language?

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How to Seamlessly Transition to Core Messaging with KOLs

When interacting with KOLs, it’s important to prioritize their questions and address their concerns.

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4 Must-Know Tips for MSLs Gathering Insights Today

Today’s healthcare landscape is changing rapidly.

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3 Ways to Plan Ahead for Successful KOL Interactions

When a KOL demands time with you, will you be ready?

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