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Negotiations Gone Virtual: Tips to adjust and excel

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were seeing a shift to more business being conducted virtually. Difficult communications such as negotiations have not been spared from this shift.

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Presentation Skills Workshops: What to Expect

Businesses around the world have invested in presentation skills workshops to support their overall success. Presentations are a crucial part of business, whether it’s to pitch new clients, communicate with C-level executives, or inspire...

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How to Improve Presentation Skills: Your Delivery is the Key

One of the primary reasons why people run into trouble when giving presentations is because they focus only on the content. There are two equally important components to any presentation: the content and the delivery.

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How to Start a Presentation: Set Yourself Up for Success

According to one recent study, human beings tend to make a first impression in as little as seven seconds after entering a new situation. To take that idea one step further, there is even research to suggest that people start to make a...

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Personal Branding: Why You Need Employees Who Market Themselves

BRODY has taught thousands of people how to market themselves in our Ignite Your Personal Brand: Market Your MAGIC workshop. We tell participants: Don’t be the world’s best-kept secret. Stop waiting for others to notice your skills, and tell them...

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Moving Others: Influence without Authority

In our increasingly cross-functional business environment, the ability to Influence without Authority is essential. Due to flatter management structures, cross-functional work teams, and virtual partnerships, we are spending more time trying to...

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5 Tools to Improve Your Empathetic    Listening Skills

You probably have heard the expression, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

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4 Steps to Build a Strong, Post-Merger Corporate Culture

When two companies with strong corporate identities and cultures merge, the result can be confusing for the employees who remain.

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Plan Your Leadership Communication Development


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3 Steps to Leading Through Change

Change — whether structural, cultural, or both — can make or break an organization. That’s because change pushes us all out of our comfort zones. In high-stress, high-stakes environments, it’s only natural that rapid, ongoing change creates...

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