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Be a HOST At Your Holiday Office Party

Categories: Building Relationships

Last week, I wrote about some dos and don’ts for attending work-related holiday parties.

It seems, from the personal responses I got, that attending these parties can be quite a chore for some people.

If that description sounds familiar, how can you make them easier on yourself, as well as for the many others that are attending?

Play the role of HOST.

I know you aren’t actually hosting the party, but think about what the host’s role entails ….

It is to be gracious, meet and greet people, and make sure others are having fun.

Remember, it’s NOT all about you!!

Here are some pointers using the acronym HOST that can help you make the most of holiday office parties:

H -- Greet people by saying, “Hi” (or “Hello”) my name is _________ and you are?” It’s best to approach small groups and individuals. Typically, the person standing alone is an introvert, and would welcome being rescued.

O – Have Open body language – in other words, look inviting. There’s no need to cross your arms or stare at the floor. Look at people, and look approachable.

S – Smile. This really goes along with open body language. A smile is welcoming. A smile is friendly. A smile is inviting. People may actually be interested in you if you smile. And, while we are on the S, think of small talk. That’s the chit-chat that opens doors. Find out more about people by being open yourself. Avoid talking business – remember, it’s a party!

T – Talk to everyone. Don’t monopolize one or two people for the evening. Introduce the person (or people) you know to someone else.

The role of HOST isn’t that hard – you may surprise yourself in that you actually enjoy the party and have helped others to have a good time, too!

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