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Client Service Still Possible Despite Restrictions

Categories: Building Relationships

I’m currently coaching someone who’s in a highly regulated industry. Compliance oversees many of the decisions she is able to make. That being said, she still gets negative feedback from her internal customers.

Why? All they hear is “no” or “we can’t.” So, how can she make her clients feel as though she is understanding and collaborative, when, ultimately, the answer will still be “no.”?

Here are a few ideas:

  • This is what we are able to do…
  • Let me look into what the regulations say …
  • I understand this is important to you …. How can we reframe the request so it’s within the regulations?
  • I wish I could help you. Without breaking the law, how do you think we can get the same results?

Of course, it’s not only what you are saying, but also how you are saying it. Be sure to sound empathetic – not curt. Demonstrate empathy toward their needs.
I hope this advice helps my coaching client – and also you!

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