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Short on Cash, But Want to Show Gratitude?

Categories: Building Relationships

With most Americans still counting every penny, and worrying about coping in this bad economy, tipping those who help us isn’t top of mind.


But, what if you do still want to show thanks for your apartment doorman? Cleaning woman? Daycare teacher? Mailman? Paper boy or girl? Or, other service provider?

Can’t justify that extra $5, $10 or $20 bill that served as your seasonal “tip” for previous services rendered?

Don’t worry, here are my five, mostly, nonmonetary ways to show your gratitude this holiday season. 

  1. Tell the person face to face, “Thank you.” Then, be specific about what the person did, and the outcome of what you were able to do with the information he or she provided, the donation received -- whatever it is you’re thanking them for. Here’s an example: “I just wanted to take a minute to personally thank you so much for always delivering my mail on time, and being so friendly. It really brightens my day when I see you.” The power of these two words “thank you” really is quite extraordinary.
  2. Write a handwritten thank-you note with some plain paper you likely already have lying around the house or office. Unfortunately, this seems to be a lost art.
  3. Always ask people how you can help them – it’s a great, ongoing way to show gratitude. One such way could be business opportunities to help that person, including a business referral. And, depending on the situation -- i.e. in a business environment -- mention to others what this person has done for you. So, you are publicly recognizing your gratitude toward this person. Believe me, word spreads.
  4. Another affordable way to show appreciation is to make a homemade gift, or craft, cookies, etc. This personal touch will, in turn, touch the recipient.
  5. Make a donation to the person's favorite charity if it’s known – remember, these groups don’t tell the person what the dollar amount was, just send an acknowledgement card. Even if all you can afford is $5, every dollar the charity receives helps their cause.

 Remember, it's about showing someone appreciation, not how much you spend.

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