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Six Tips to Make Yourself Memorable

Categories: Building Relationships

A large part of successful networking comes down to something you might not expect...

Yes, you need to be professional, well-groomed, and well-spoken. But your competitors out there are all of those things. Getting the edge on them requires being remembered.

How do you make yourself memorable?

Here are 6 Tips to Make Yourself Memorable

  1. Show humility. You might think that being impressive, would make you stand out, but showing humility helps build the emotional connection (see #2)
  2. Build emotional rapport. Make a human connection, not just a business connection. People like other people who are similar to them. So, what common ground can you find?
  3. Find mutual interests. If you can’t find any common ground, showing genuine interest in the other person can also be effective. The key word here is the word “genuine.”
  4. Ask questions (and listen to the answers). Ask what challenges they faced, how they like to decompress after a hard week. (This information can also help you find common ground).
  5. Do your homework. That way you can open the conversation with something of mutual interest.
  6. Follow up. Send an article that might be of interest, a thank-you note, acknowledgement of a promotion or personal achievement; find opportunities to reconnect.

Think back to a networking event, sales conference, or convention you attended. Who did you meet that was truly memorable (again, in a positive way)?

What was it about this person or what he or she did that stood out? What other ways have you found to be memorable? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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