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Are you task-oriented or people-oriented? And which is better?

Categories: Building Relationships

What business are you in?

It doesn’t matter what the industry is, or what your job title is … we are all in the people business.

This sounds so obvious doesn’t it? But take time to look at what usually happens at work … accomplishing various tasks or goals is paramount and emphasized by management.

Believe me, I am as task-focused as the next person, but accomplishing daily activities and “getting the job done” doesn’t negate or eliminate the importance of being respectful of the people who work with you (or for you).

Frayed tempers, lack of common courtesies, clarity of expectations, timelines are just a few things that impact relationships, and, ultimately, the quality of the task (whether it’s done right, within deadlines, or even at all).

Being people-focused ultimately helps accomplish the task more quickly – and more efficiently.

If you want to get things done – build relationships. If you want to be seen as a resource, help others. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive and successful you ultimately become.

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