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A Look At Leadership: Interpersonal Communication Still Key

Categories: Business Communication

If you Google the phrase “leadership, definition”, you will see more than 81,500 entries.

Obviously, there isn’t one universally accepted definition for leadership, and clearly, there isn’t one right way to lead.

So, is investing in leadership development still important in our age of cutbacks and shrinking budgets? Yes.

Paula Ketter, editor of T+D magazine, reminded readers of her March 2010 column that  “experts agree enlightened leadership begets engaged employees.”

She suggests we do it right and look at what’s missing to help corporations:

Ketter stated, also in her March 2010 column, “Leadership development should be created around an organization’s culture and should mirror the values and the goals of that culture.”

She also said, “High potentials tend to have the business and technical skills needed to create successful organizational strategy, but many are lacking the interpersonal skills to motivate employees and communicate effectively.”

What so often is described as “soft skills” are the very things that are critical for moving an organization and driving hard results.

What are you doing for yourself and for your employees to enhance your interpersonal and communication skills?

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