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Communication Conundrum: Why I’m Not LOL

Categories: Business Communication

Recently, one of my clients told me her daughter wrote a paper for school, and that she used text language throughout the document. Needless to say, my client was appalled.

Unfortunately, I hear (and see) many examples of the declining ability of people to communicate effectively. The use of slang, acronyms, abbreviations and “text speak” may be fine with friends, but at work, they can be misleading, confusing, and career limiting. Unless you’re posting Tweets and are limited to 140 characters, there’s no need to communicate in what often appears to be cryptic code.
So, who’s setting the standards? Who’s enforcing these standards? Who’s modeling the standards?

I hope it’s leaders – at all levels – within every organization. We can all help contribute toward establishing a culture of clear and concise communication.
Of course, it could start at home. What a novel idea!

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