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Are All Presentations Created Equal?

Categories: Business Presentations

I just facilitated a customized presentation skills program for regional sales managers of a very large medical device company.

Their objectives were to understand the differences and similarities between these types of presentations:

*management vs. leadership

*formal vs. informal

*informative vs. persuasive

*face to face vs. phone, web, etc.

The irony -- although they are different, the bottom line is the same.

All types of presentations have two things in common:

1)     A message to structure and develop to achieve a result

2)     Delivery that  engages the audience members and accomplishes the goal

Is it possible to give presentations that are a combination of management and leadership, informative and persuasive?


It comes down to what you want that audience walking away knowing, doing and feeling.

Should you prepare less because it’s informal?

Not really.

It’s always respectful to your audience (be it one or many) to be clear about your objectives and to deliver the message with clarity and enthusiasm.

In future blogs, I’ll get more specific about the differences and similarities between management and leadership presentations, and ways to be effective while presenting.

If you want to bring this custom “Speaking to Lead” program to your team, let us know!

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