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Fresh Delivery Requires Preparation & Practice

Categories: Business Presentations

I am often asked if I give the same presentation each time I present.

Although there might be a benefit to do so regarding saving time, my answer is, “No.”

Every audience I face is different, and I need to adjust my message accordingly. The material also needs to be fresh – not only updated from a current events’ perspective, but also fresh in my mind.

I have seen too many speakers who were on “auto pilot.” They sounded bored with their own message. So, how would that translate to the audience?

My method of practice is to say the presentation out loud -- not in my head where I am always eloquent. This helps me with timing, and pacing, not to mention anchoring the content in my head.

The irony is, the longer the presentation, the less time it takes to prepare.

I find short presentations – 20 minutes and under – to be the hardest.

Anyone can ramble. But, to make a point hit home in a limited amount of time -- delivering it with passion and authority – that is an art.

What speaking masterpieces have you worked on lately?

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