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Executive Presentations: Inform, Inspire & Persuade

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I recently blogged on the topic of executive presentations.

Exactly what separates an executive presentation from any other? Perhaps it’s just the title of the person presenting the material.

After all, every presentation has a purpose. The goal as a speaker is to determine what the purpose is.

As an executive, I may want to …

  • Inform my organization about what is going on within the company
  • Inspire trust and loyalty in my employees
  • Encourage people to buy into a plan or purchase

Overall, it’s all about informing, inspiring and persuading.

Aristotle described the principles of Logos/Ethos/Pathos.

Logos translates into logic. Every great speaker needs to be easy to follow (logical), and filled with evidence and reason. That alone can inform an audience.

To move people as well, to truly inspire them, requires the added use of Pathos. Emotional appeals, stories, and examples which hit the heart, will do that.

Then, there is Ethos, the credibility of the presenter. No matter how great the presentation, if the audience doesn’t trust the executive presenting – it will fall on deaf ears.

Position alone isn’t enough to inspire.

An executive who is believable, trustworthy, and admirable, will have a much easier time of giving an inspirational presentation.

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