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Forget Politics: What We Can Learn from Bill Clinton's DNC 2008 Speech

Categories: Business Presentations

All politics aside, former President Bill Clinton’s nomination speech at DNC 2008 was a textbook example of what a speech should be. He informed, entertained and motivated his audience. He used many rhetorical devices, real and rhetorical questions, storytelling, examples (logical and emotional), statistics, and humor. His delivery was engaging – he had vocal variety, pauses, and gestures to reinforce his message, and a great smile.

Most of all, former President Clinton looked like he was having fun. It was hard not to get caught up in his passion and enthusiasm. If getting the delegates excited and committed was his goal, he succeeded. If it was to get President Obama re-elected, we’ll know better November 7.

Either way, if you want to improve your business presentations, watch President Clinton's speech at the DNC (he starts speaking at around 3:19) to pick up of plenty of pointers.

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