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MLK Day Reminds Us: Effective Presentations Motivate

Categories: Business Presentations

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day.

On the news this morning, I once again heard part of his well-known “I Have A Dream” speech. The eloquence, the poignancy, the cadence, and rhythm are still astounding to me this day. He was a true motivator. You may listen, and think, “That type of presentation won’t work in my environment.” I challenge this mentality, and suggest all presenters need to ask, “Are there elements that I could use?”

Martin Luther King Jr. used alliteration. In one sentence, he said, “Character, confidence and courage.” Isn’t this something that you, too, could say when speaking about leadership?

Ask yourself this question: “What else could I be saying to others, to be more inspiring on a daily basis?”

I find that by studying the great orators – be it classic (Aristotle) or modern (Martin Luther King Jr.), there are many lessons to be learned.

Perhaps on some level, we can all raise the bar.

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