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Do Your Slides Support Your Message, or the Other Way Around?

Categories: Business Presentations

When I coach executives for presentation skills, typically they say, “The slides are being prepared.” I then ask, “What about the presentation?”

From my perspective as an executive speech coach and professional speaker for over 30 years, an effective presentation needs to be crafted BEFORE slides are created.

Then, and only then, if the visuals will support the message, should a slide deck be crafted, too.

Preparing slides has become so easy that it’s now commonplace for presenters to simply read their slides – which is never a formula for speaking success.

Show me one example of a presentation where the audience wanted more slides.

The speaker needs to be the most important visual element.


Through effective use of eye contact, facial expression, gestures and movements to captivate an audience -- plus having a good, descriptive story to tell. Then, you can add a visual to help paint a picture or make a point.

So, in the future, prepare your presentation -- then get all decked out!

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