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Text Heavy Slides - Presentation Pitfall #5

Categories: Business Presentations

The goal of a visual is to make it visual, and easy to understand.

Here are a few tips for effective slides:

  • Have a title or headline – this lets audience know what the slide is about
  • Use graphic elements – you can use text, but when it’s possible to depict an idea in a visual matter, it is much more effective
  • Avoid paragraphs – instead use bullets with a few words; your job as the presenter is to explain the rest. When using bullets, limit them to 6 per slide.
  • Font size should be legible – The smallest font size you should use is 18 pt in a conference room, and in a larger room 24 pt
  • Proofread – spellcheck does not catch everything. Ideally, have someone else look it over as well.
  • Avoid clutter – use a simple background and contrasting colors 

Visuals reinforce an idea. The slides are not speaker notes.

Some companies may expect the slides printed out as a stand-alone document. In that case, create 2 slide decks: one to print out and one to present from.

Keep it simple!

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