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Your Visual Presentation

Categories: Business Presentations

Effectively communicating your ideas is a vital skill in business. When you give a business presentation or speak up during a meeting, people’s perceptions of you are formed by the Visual, Verbal, and Vocal aspects of your delivery.

  • The verbal aspect has to do with what you actually say, the words you use and the message you’re trying to get across.
  • The vocal aspect consists of the pitch of your voice, your volume, and the speed at which you speak.
  • The visual aspect is how you look, how you’re dressed, your facial expressions, and body language.

Which would you say is the most important of the three?

I suggest that it’s the visual.

Your appearance, body language and general demeanor create an impression before you ever open your mouth -- sometimes subconsciously.

If the first impression is not a positive one, it will be hard to recover, no matter what you say or how well you say it. Get in front of this by forming a good visual impression!

Here are 3 visual elements to keep in mind:

  1. Dress in a way that’s appropriate to the situation. What will the audience be wearing? Dress about one notch up from that. TIP: If you are speaking at a conference, ask the organizer about the color of the backdrop. If it’s navy blue, and you show up in a navy blue suit, you will virtually disappear.
  2. Female speakers need to be aware of possible distractions. You want the audience focused on your presentation, not your legs, bi-color eye shadow, or clunky jewelry.
  3. Pay attention to the messages your are sending with facial expressions and body language. Your nervous expression may be perceived as irritation. Regardless of how you feel, make eye-contact with your audience and smile with your eyes. Keep your body language open and approachable.

A positive visual impression is also a vital part of demonstrating Leadership Presence.

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