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Watch Your Words When Presenting

Categories: Business Presentations

Recently, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used the word "retarded" during a closed-door strategy session. And, radio personality Rush Limbaugh used the term again in discussing Mr. Emanuel’s statement.

This has created enormous outrage in both the political and mental health circles.  Mr. Emanuel apologized last week to a group of advocates for using the term. His comments were originally spotlighted after former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin called for Emanuel to be fired in a Facebook post. Palin’s son has Downs Syndrome.

Although the intended messages from both men may not have been meant to be derogatory against mentally challenged individuals, clearly the message was perceived that way.

How important is your word choice in a conversation during a presentation … in a word, VERY!

Choose your words carefully; they matter. You never know who may be listening, or how they interpret what you’re saying.

No matter what type of presentation you are giving, and no matter who the audience is, you always want to avoid inappropriate language.

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