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Business Writing Key to Success: Tone, Topic, Transparency

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writingpicLast week I provided six possible approaches to organize your material. This week we'll look at the role of tone, topic, and transparency...

Three important aspects of effective business writing are: tone, topic, and transparency.

Tone is critical because it can dramatically affect how the reader perceives you and your message. You will use a different approach when writing to a potential client whom you have never met, compared to a colleague you’ve known for years. When writing to customers or potential clients, keep your writing customer-centered. Express what you and your company can do for them, how you can solve their unique problems or build their business.

The second aspect when writing to focus on relates to your Topic. Effective writing has a clear focus. If your writing fails to address the subject or topic in a logical, organized format with a main idea, supported by only necessary and important details, it will lack focus and lose your reader.

The last key factor related to writing is Transparency. Make your writing “transparent” -- easy to read -- and contain a clear message. Don’t write in ways that cause your reader to wonder what you really mean.

Effective writing never makes the reader look for the facts hiding beneath language that “hedges” or sugarcoats the truth.

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