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Business Writing Key to Success: Organize Your Material

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writingpicI read with great interest a recent article on the NBC News website, regarding employers being frustrated by their new hires’ lack of effective writing skills.

That’s a common refrain BRODY hears from clients – many professionals lack basic writing skills, including employees who’ve been on the job for years. Bottom line: Communicating well verbally doesn’t always translate into effective written communication.

The article said that companies are increasingly providing their staff with writing training -- investing in career development for these new hire employees.

Are you ready to do the same for yourself or your team?

Here are six possible approaches to organize your material for effective business writing, from my "mini" book Business Writing for Results...

  1. In order of importance. Start with the most important ideas and facts, or those that are the most time sensitive.
  2. Chronological. Organize your facts or events in the order in which they happened, or are expected to happen. Chronological order enables you to document events or establish timeframes.
  3. Maximum impact. Do you want to grab the reader’s attention by leading with the fact or idea that has the most impact? Or would you prefer to build to a strong finish, and close with your main point?
  4. Compare and contrast. This type of organization is appropriate when you are writing to promote or persuade. For example, you would present key points comparing your business or product to the competition.
  5. Cause and effect. This approach is useful when you need to explain why something happened, or inform your readers of changes.
  6. Problem and solution. Very simply, this is presenting a problem and the solution you recommend. It can also be used when you are selling a service or product to a potential client. Present specific problems facing the client and describe how your company offers solutions.

Would love to hear your thoughts; post a message here. I’ll give Business Writing for Results mini books to the first 3 people who do so.

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