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The Benefits of Coaching – Don’t Know How? Learn!

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In my past two "Benefits of Coaching" blogs, "No Time Like the Present" and "Don't Let Fear Hold You Back" I wrote about the reasons that managers don't coach their employees: fear, lack of time, and they haven’t been taught how to do so!

In my new mini book, Courageous Coaching: How to Get Results by Coaching with Courage, Clarity & Conviction, you can learn how to be an effective coach, using a variety of coaching models.

Let me give a few guidelines, a 3-step approach:

  1. Plan & Prepare
  2. Conduct Coaching
  3. Action Plan & Follow-Up

Framework for Leadership: Five Action Steps for Breakthrough Results*

  1. Acknowledge What’s Working
  2. Analyze the Successes
  3. Clarify Objectives
  4. Determine Benefits
  5. Establish Action Plan

*Ed Oakley, Enlightened Leadership Solutions.

The reality is that problems rarely go away by themselves. There is a huge impact when problems fester. They impact the employee’s performance, the team as a whole, and the reputation of the manager as a leader.

Coaching always pays off in the end.

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