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Coaching Others: Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

Categories: Coaching Skills

I’ve been preparing for my speech on February 1st called “Courageous Coaching: It’s Not Easy … It’s Your Job.” I also just finished writing a book about the same subject.

It’s interesting to note the resistance to – and excuses for – not giving ongoing coaching and feedback to employees. The major “reasons” are: fear (of reaction), lack of time, and “don’t know how.”

The reality is that problems don’t go away. People benefit from ongoing feedback and reinforcement, and the number one job of a manager is to help his/her employees be successful.

Let’s look at the first excuse for not coaching …fear.

If your feedback is specific, and delivered in a caring nature rather than attacking and accusatory, the employee might have an initial reaction (tears, defensiveness, anger), but in time see and appreciate the value of the feedback. If you (the manager) truly are looking to help, and are specific about expectations and observations, the employee may even appreciate the feedback. From my perspective as a coach, both to my employees and the executives I work with, is that although initially difficult to hear, ultimately they appreciated the feedback and coaching. Most of the time, what we feared never even occurs.

Stay tuned for a blog discussing some of the other “reasons” for not coaching others, including lack of time and “don’t know how.”

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