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The Benefits of Coaching- No Time Like the Present

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In my last blog I discussed 3 reasons why many people are hesitant to coach their employees. I listed fear (which I blogged about last time), lack of time, and lack of knowledge. This blog is about lack of time.

Let’s look at lack of time. What is a manager’s real job? Get work done through people and to help their people be successful. So, when I ask, “How important is coaching?” The answer needs to be: “VERY!

Waiting for a once-a-year review to do coaching is a formula for failure.

Look where you are spending your time – often, it is with the poor performers. They can suck the life (and time) from a manager, leaving little time for the middle 70 to 80% which have greater potential or the top 10% -- who continually raise the bar.

If the bottom 10 to 20% aren’t meeting expectations, it is time to document why, and let them go. These are people who won’t or can’t do the job. If they won’t – no amount of coaching will help. If they can’t, get them the training they need. If they still can’t – or won’tlet them go. Your time needs to be with the people who are doing the job – but can (and want) to get better – and the people who are good and want to move to great.

How much time is enough? It will depend on them. I am spending one hour per month, per employee. Of course, there are always ongoing observations and feedback sessions – but the scheduled monthly meetings seem to be keeping people on track and updating me.

Give it a try, and see what works for you – there is no one right way.

Stay tuned for my next blog for more “how to” coaching information.

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