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Coaching: Pipe Dream to Dream Team

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Imagine leading an inspired team of high producing employees. Imagine if everyone on your team was as invested in the success of your business as in their own personal success; and going a step further, they understood that those two were not separate, but congruent...

Imagine a team without a single under-achiever, troublemaker, or malcontent -- a team that ran on trust, respect, engagement, excellence, and working toward a common goal.

Does this all sound like a pipe dream?

What if I said that you -- as manager -- have a great deal to do with whether such a team is possible? You are your team’s fearless leader (emphasis on the word leader.) How you lead can make a huge difference in the results you get from your team.

Coaching means working with your staff -- either in groups or one-on-one -- to give each team member the skills and support needed to become the best employee they can be.

Coaching your team will...

  • Build team spirit and enhance productivity
  • Position you as a role model for the team to emulate
  • Build quality relationships
  • Increase your team's overall results

Does any of that sound good? If so, here are 5 tips to make you a great coach:

  1. Listen. Give your direct reports the same attention that you’d give the CEO. Ask questions, paraphrase, and allow space for pauses. (Great coaches do more listening than talking.)
  2. Ask the right questions. Ask for the other person’s thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Ask about next steps and alternative solutions.
  3. Employ self-management. Wait until your staff member has finished before responding. Keep your emotions in check. Be responsive, not reactive.
  4. Show respect and build trust. Keep your word. Show respect in attitude, word, and tone of voice. (Tip: Sarcasm destroys trust quickly.)
  5. Communicate. Let your direct reports know your thoughts, your reasoning, your vision. Respect must be a two-way street.

Coaching is a big investment of time and energy, but the payoff is your dream team. Have you created a dream team through effective coaching? Share your tips for great coaching!

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