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Accountability: 5 Keys to Manage Success

Categories: Culture of Accountability

Last week, I presented a program in Arizona called “Accountability: 5 Keys to Manage Success (Yours & Others).”

The audience was leadership and management professionals from a luxury, private country club.

This is a different audience than the corporate types who I typically work with. That being said, the issues are always the same.

There are people who need an attitude adjustment (one of the topics covered).

There are organizations that don’t do regular performance appraisals/discussions, which creates a disconnect with employees -- and often less than stellar results.

Behaviors impact all relationships, and your reputation.

So often, it is the smallest behavior gaffes that create problems within a team, company, or with customers.

And, in this current climate of financial uncertainty, the willingness to demonstrate courage is more critical than ever.

Finally, the willingness to put things into perspective may change how you look at life and work.

If you have thoughts on any of these five “keys” for managing your success and others – let me know.

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