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Be Open to Change & Engage Employees

Categories: Culture of Accountability

I am speaking to an engineering organization next week. On my customer needs call, I heard over and over again that some of the senior leaders are unwilling to listen to the ideas of newer (and, in many cases, younger) employees.


“That’s the way we do things” or “That’s how we have always done it” are two expressions that need to be evaluated regularly. I’m not saying that we need to change for the sake of change, but times change, customers change, expectations change, technology changes – we need to be open.

A friend of mine doesn’t understand why he has such employee turnover (very disruptive and very costly). After asking him some questions about his management style, I understand. “Because I’m the boss” and “I say so” isn’t acceptable management style. It’s the style of a dictator.

Even today, where there is so much unemployment, people expect to be treated with respect, to be given a little autonomy, and understand why things are done the way they are done.

I gave up talking to my friend, but I hope someone reading this blog has a light bulb go off in his/her head. Just because it was always done a certain way doesn’t mean it has to continue.

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