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Customer Service Chaos on Vacation

Categories: Culture of Accountability

My family (three generations) recently spent a week in Mexico at a resort on Riviera Maya, Grupo Vidanta in the Grand Luxx, where we are owners.

There were so many examples of poor communication (customer service) with the staff that I felt I must mention a few – after all, they also may be happening in your organizations.

  1. The first example started with reservations – we confirmed that we had 3 bedrooms in a residence club. Upon arrival, there were 2. Ultimately, it worked out after we spent 3 hours of our vacation time on the phone. There was no communication between the reservations people and the hotel people.
  2. We chose the resort because there was a kids club – a place on the grounds that my grandsons could be left (supervised) for several hours a day. Upon arrival, we were told it was cancelled for the week.
  3. Apparently enough parents/grandparents complained about #2, because the kids club was opened several days later. Unfortunately, no one told us. When we discussed this with our concierge, there was no accountability.
  4. My grandchildren were signed up for an evening activity (Pirates Night). The six adults then made evening plans sans children. At the last minute, the Pirates Night was cancelled. The reason? Not enough people signed up. Their lack of participants shouldn’t have become our problem. But, it did. I might also add that they never rescheduled.

Understand that the trip was a success – we all had a good time. But, we didn’t need the aggravation – and as customers, we shouldn’t have it.

Bottom line: What is your organization doing to make the experience of working with you 100% enjoyable?

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