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Make the Choice

Categories: Culture of Accountability

I got on a coaching call recently with someone that I’ve been working with for several months – immediately, I heard a difference in her voice. She was excited. She was in charge. She was moving forward.

When I asked her what happened, she told me that I had said one thing to her when we last spoke that had snapped her out of her daily doldrums/fog. What did I say?

I had told her that she sounded like a victim. Little did I realize the impact of that statement. It made me think about how often we allow ourselves to be victims. It becomes a default mode – an excuse for not taking responsibility for our own lives.

We all have choices – not always good ones, but a bad one at least gets us moving in a direction. To be stuck is the worst.

My coaching client decided that she, in fact, was acting and feeling like a victim. Then, she decided to do something about it.

What choices do you have to make today? What can you do, so you aren’t suffering from “victimitis?”

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